Today I had an orientation luncheon for my new job at a restaurant in which I’m still unsure as to what position I will be filling. I get to wear fitted button-down shirts and tie bars though, so my family’s long-lost desire to see me as a successful plastic surgeon is still somewhat fulfilled. After […]


Well, this has been a while. I figure a bushel of hyperbolized nervous breakdowns (Read: Spring Semester of my Senior Year in College) and a panic-inducing elbow rash I acquired after an overly romanticized month hiking across Iceland serve reasonably enough to explain as to why I’ve taken a break from writing, but then again, who […]

It’s been a while and I get that and I do apologize although I’m sure probably not a single one of you is sincerely involved enough to say, ‘Don’t Worry About It!’ So right now I’m doing one thing which is actually comprising itself of about 200 other things, it’s kinda the mentality of ‘sometimes […]


It snowed today in New York City. It was also the first day of Spring RA training and thus, the last day of my Winter Vacation, or as I have been calling it, ‘Oh-Hi-Remember-Me-I’m-Taking-Back-Myself-K-Thanks’. When you spend enough time alone you can get fed up with yourself. I’d spend entire days not speaking to anybody. […]


After booking a flight to Los Angeles and settling in on an overhyped purchase of a bougie-ass camera to make a bougie-ass documentary about my inexperienced ass hiking 700 miles across Iceland, I’ve found myself back at the Dollar rack at CVS, stocking up on bags of Cheese Twists and Strawberry Cookies for a dollar […]


I’m keeping it short because I found out about twenty minutes ago that I had to write an entire play. I think I’ve written about 55 pages out of a desired, I dunno, finished product. So, of course, I will equip myself with the 99 cent bag of Cheetos from CVS and one of those Monster Rehab […]


The saying ‘sh*t happens’ isn’t really sound; sh*t does in fact happen, although it’s ridiculous to assume that sh*t happens in the sense that it’s endlessly piling up on top of you. In fact it’s quite the reverse; the floor just gives in and you’ve slid in and the steeper and deeper and faster you slide the […]

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