My mother’s in a love affair with her IPhone. She’s always on it, she doesn’t know how to get off of it, and it annoys the fuck out of me. On a recent trip down to Miami, my boyfriend and I arranged to go bike riding in the Everglades with her through this 15-mile-cement loop called […]

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There’s this cliff about 24 kilometers – I don’t know the conversion of that – away from the tiny town of Isafjodur, in the West Fjords of Iceland. It’s on a sequestered peninsula known by very few as Hornstrandir, (that’s where I was), a barren land of artic foxes, quicksand, glacier rivers, rising plains like […]

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Video Entries

Time for a re-branding. Or to take things more serious than the same man who continues to berate my ass every other thursday at the Eagle Bar in Chelsea. ‘FOODISTHIS’ is officially going to be updated once a week – in about two weeks – because preparations needs to be MADE – with new video […]

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