What is (this)?

What is Food.Is.This?

I’ve started numerous blogs in the past, all of them never really getting anywhere- always me and the same bullshit trying to sound righteous and stupendous and other words that always took me several seconds to think about before writing them out.

One day, I sat my ass down by the BQE after fetching some Pretzel Shake and Cubano Roll from Momofuku on Metropolitan. I thought… I should start a food blog. I loved pretzels and I loved shakes and I LOVED cuban sandwiches.

So first I thought, I could ramble on and on about Cuban Food in New York City, in hopes that maybe I could redeem myself in forgotten g the very language my grandparents carried in their jugulars.

Problem was, I realized, cuban food’s kinda scarce in New York City- it’s there; but you got a lot of Long Island Cubanos coming over charging you a $20 Cuban Sandwich with olive and chili pepper infused casa del carajo. Cuban Food is cheap; hit up the sandwiches with the yellow stuff, you know- out of the tube.

I’m also poor as hell and can’t afford shit.

So I figured. Lemme take a step back and go back to my roots: food that was cheap but still decadent. Lemme ride on that and make the best of it.

That’s what This.Is.Food is gonna be about. It’s about taking the food I got and lingering on it. Realizing how shitty or sexy or happy or pissy it makes me feel or wanna be or wanna remember.

I’ll talk all about the food (or the drink, or the spirit)- the look, smell, taste, atmosphere, etc…etc…etc…etc…

…. and then I’d see what comes after that. Food’s got more life and time in you after you’ve swallowed it. Eventually the taste and the clog and the satisfaction wears off… so, I’m gonna be all about trying to see what it means to indulge in food after the taste fades and before the body forgets you had anything in you in the first place.




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