Stars and blueberries forever.

The Fourth of July has come and gone and I’m still wishing I could’ve watched ‘Independence Day’ for a third time since last night.

Day Two in my stay in Nantucket.

Last night after a run up to the highest bluffs on the Island, I came back down to the cottage with the smells of fresh lobster-stuffed salmon ringing up in my nostrils. The filet of Salmon was originally topped with the lobster before being rounded up like a jelly roll, then sliced into two inch saucers and tossed onto the grill. On the side, some shrimp and corn chowder and roasted corn. I couldn’t tell if it was the heat or my body still going on from the run but dinner was tossed down my throat in a matter of minutes. Of course it tasted delicious- even without butter or salt the corn was scrumptious all on its own and the Shrimp and Corn Chowder really packed it all in having a bunch of red pepper flake and tabasco inside of it-

We cleaned up and headed over to the beach where we met up with a bunch of friends from the Kansas City Chiefs and took in the sunset on the great Atlantic. The sun was setting in the opposite direction we were looking out at when spotting seals, but the shade of red that was cast to the North and South of us made the crashing waves look more and more like chocolate being churned continuously, over and over again. Seals had become Agustus Gloop and they weren’t leaving. One seal in particular just waded in the water, and I’d like to say he and I caught eyes for a couple of seconds before he dipped under water and swam towards the other beachside barbecue just a few dunes over.

Apparently, there’s an Island on the northern tip of Nantucket where all of the seals live- they just coast and live and wonder what distinguishes Coral from Nantucket Red.

Anyways, the party itself continuously redefined decadence. At first, it was all of the little children running around with their white button down shirts tucked into their nantucket red shorts and nautical-themed belts. Then it turned into the lack of liquor and everybody sipping on Half-and-half Iced Teas and Lemonades, and then it turned to the occasional frosted bottle of nantucket ale, and then the four pits of roaring fires where the wives roasted champagne and apple-spiced sausage while the men joked and compared their pant sizes- I was instructed to call at least three men ‘Mr.’ whatever-their-last-name-was. They revered their position at the eastern end of the Western World. They pined for another minute to compare their suspended Pilates classes, and they all unwrapped the saran wrap from their tin boxes that was stuffed with paper containers of chowder, mashed potatoes, kale salad, lemon, and a whole steamed lobster. All in all however, it was a truly great crowd; aside from meeting some of NFL’s giants I bumped into a young woman who was a classically trained musician and played her cello like a guitar. Kinda cool.

Eventually, we booked it and stopped by the Market to fetch some ice cream: I got two scoops of the ‘Late Night Snack’- aside from the vanilla ice cream that’s naturally made and sweetened with honey and vanilla extract, there was a salted caramel swirl inside of it along with chocolate-covered potato chip morsels.

I made it last.

We came to the sunset, cleaned up, and watched Independence Day. Twice.

A rainstorm in the middle of the night.

I woke up around nine a.m. to the news that seventy-five percent of my friends were still drunk or hungover from celebrating America. Today is Venezuela’s Independence Day, by the way.

I had another Siasconset Blueberry Muffin while Bethany served up a batch of blueberry pancakes. Sipping on an iced coffee, wearing my Ray Bans, I am stuffed, and content, and longing for another one of anything.

For now however, I’m going to take a two minute walk, lay out the blanket, and toast under the sun was seals stop and wonder why a guy like me could eat so much and not care to work it off at all.

Maybe the seal won’t, but I will. Maybe.

The breeze, the birds, the leaves- they’re all singing. The sun is toasting and I’m pretty sure I’ve already burned my right toe.



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