Back to the Hudson.

Today is my last day living in my apartment in Alphabet City. No more running on the bridge dodging Hasids and hipsters, no more scouring the floor for quarters to acquire gelatinous dumplings, no more half an hour hikes to get to the nearest subway. No, tomorrow I return to my duty as an RA […]

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Revert to the Humidity.

After the past week redefined calamity, I got back into Yoga Vida, the yoga studio I once escaped to Freshmen and Sophomore year when I was living in one of the dorms around Union Square. At the time, I had never been more proud of my stomach. The head instructor at the time was a […]

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it makes a whore out of you.

The closest thing I’ve found to personal space the entire Summer has been the table at the coffeeshop I’ve been working at, where, even there, I’ve found that I’ve had to leave a fraction of my plastic cup filled with watered down iced coffee in order to avoid some self-obsessed tortoise-shell Ray Ban wearing drip […]

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