Back to the Hudson.

Today is my last day living in my apartment in Alphabet City. No more running on the bridge dodging Hasids and hipsters, no more scouring the floor for quarters to acquire gelatinous dumplings, no more half an hour hikes to get to the nearest subway.

No, tomorrow I return to my duty as an RA over at one of my school’s dorms, a block away from the Hudson River where the World makes love to itself and the breeze exists there and only so.

Tomorrow on, I embark on a week long journey into the realm of Residential Life, where advisors force smiles and surgically embed a pen and notepad onto your hands. There’s a two hour seminar on pot and a three hour seminar on how to appropriately handle kids our own age who might be undergoing a psychological breakdown. It’s fine though, we’re prepared. On Facebook, strangers who never once spoke to one another over the summer are suddenly reemerging as best friends as they realize their fine place as masters of their own universe, mapping door decorations instead of constellations and invading with their mothership portions of chocolate chip cookies and gluten-free grapes. Somewhere along the mix there are those pumping last minute iron or chugging in that extra daily Kombucha in hopes that their flat stomachs and even flatter asses will improve even the most maniacal of RA’s; the Regina George of all that NYU believes to be essential pop culture, the media whore who confiscates the tequila and shoots it up on the sidelines with a sniff of salt and extra dose of lime.

I’m excited.

Granted, my dormitory is something different. Kind. Simple. Genuine. Genuine is different, of course, here at least, it’s one reason why I looked forward to consuming no more than 500 calories a day.

Lately though I’ve been hitting up really well food-wise, intaking Subway nearly 4 times the past week as I lodge myself in one of the empty classrooms on my floor, sending emails upon emails in the steady wake of my boyfriend departing for Los Angeles. The result has been marvelous. I’ve pumped up two great plays that had been sitting around the entire year, a speculative script, various meetings with high-end producers and writers, and most recently, a slew of interviews, four of them being today. I suppose I’ve just been keeping it on the down-low with the blog if only because I refuse to say much more about Subway other than the fact that I had some.

But that’s going to change. Starting with tomorrow, I’ll be writing more erratically in regards to RA training, and then after that, I might slip into the once a week procedure, as a steady work load and internship and RA duty will surely be interfering with my time to lay it on thick.



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