Tarot Cards and Taco Bell

I figure a bushel of hyperbolized nervous breakdowns (Read: Spring Semester of my Senior Year in College) and a panic-inducing elbow rash I acquired after an overly romanticized month hiking across Iceland serve reasonably enough to explain as to why I’ve taken a break from writing, but then again, who am I to judge? I […]

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to make sundaes when it snows.

It snowed today in New York City. It was also the first day of Spring RA training and thus, the last day of my Winter Vacation, or as I have been calling it, ‘Oh-Hi-Remember-Me-I’m-Taking-Back-Myself-K-Thanks’. When you spend enough time alone you can get fed up with yourself. I’d spend entire days not speaking to anybody. […]

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Whenever I eat cookies I fall into a sugar high (sugar low?) and swivel in my seat as I bust out improvised song lyrics or free style poetic rap-estries (You know, like, Tapestries…) and disregard the seams of my pants rubbing deeper and deeper into my inner thighs. Not that I care though, I’ve got cookies. No, something beyond cookies. […]


the bloating never diminishes.

It’s finally the Holiday Season. Time for excessive repeat plays of Real Estate, drunkenly hugging the Christmas Trees on Hudson Street, and finding the Holiday magic in Walgreens with its 80 cent packs of expired Candy Corn. Meanwhile, the rest of Manhattan’s loading up with projected displays on 5th Avenue and overpriced Christmas Markets with […]

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